Can we afford to wait until we’re certain?

J.H. recently added a comment to the November 8th post on this blog “Is Earth Really at Risk?”  I agree with his position in relation to our environment completely.  But I would add an urgency to our need to act.  I think we may have about a decade to seriously begin to turn things around.

Am I absolutely certain the science is right?  Of course not.  But if we wait to act until we are certain, it will be too late.  Acting now is like taking out insurance:  we don’t know our houses won’t flood, be robbed or catch fire but we take our insurance anyway.  We don’t know if we’ll get sick, or die prematurely, but we take our health and life insurance to protect ourselves from risk just in case.

Personally, my own assessment of the scientific research leading to the conclusion that we are creating a potentially serious and even catastrophic environmental change is very strong.  But let’s suppose it is wrong and global warming has absolutely nothing to do with human activity.  No one disagrees that it is humans who are polluting our air and water, and if we keep it up, we are going to make our world intolerable even if it isn’t a single degree warmer.  And we are going to run out of enough oil that is not so expensive that only the very rich can afford to use it.

The social upheaval and mass immigrations that will result from polluting vast stretches of Earth will be terrible.  Made more terrible by the fact that we are now fighting each other not merely with guns and tanks but with nuclear bombs and guided long-range missiles.

Nor will only the underdeveloped suffer.  Parts of the developed world in America, Australia, and the Middle and Far East are already experiencing the pinch of drought, and the breathing problems of polluted air.

Can we do it?  Yes we can!

More thoughts upcoming on what we can do.  Meanwhile, is a minimum six minute stop that is worth it.


About Terry Sissons

Terry Sissons is the author of The Big Bang to Now: All of Time in Six Chunks, and this blog is a dialogue about the universe and what’s happened in the last 13 billions years.
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One Response to Can we afford to wait until we’re certain?

  1. Jeeral Harold says:

    first of all i wanted to thank you for waking us up to important facts .
    yes you’re right , we can never be certain of something in this world specially these days . humans all over the globe need to be aware of what’s happing in this world . if a hurricane hit Florida and you’re in Canada ,it doesn’t mean you’re safe from it .who knows you’re country may be next ! in this world no one can be sure of anything .
    all what we need to do is take our reservations and get ready for the worst.

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