Rock of the ages

The oldest rocks anywhere in the world may have been found on the shore of Hudson Bay in Canada.  They have been dated to be 4.28 billion years old, and must have been among the very first rocks formed on Earth’s crust as our planet spun into existence 4.56 billion years ago.  One of the exciting and even astonishing things about the rocks is that they may contain evidence of some early life, surviving against what we would think are all the odds in the first firey stage of the planet.

The rocks are called by the possibly non-memoral name of Nuvvuagittuq greenstone.  You wouldn’t know just by looking at them just how extraordinary they are.


About Terry Sissons

Terry Sissons is the author of The Big Bang to Now: All of Time in Six Chunks, and this blog is a dialogue about the universe and what’s happened in the last 13 billions years.
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