Earth Day 2009

Today is Earth day all over the world.

There are 6.7 billion people who live here.

I suspect a lot of us have to change the way we live our everyday lives if we are all going to have enough water and food and air to live.  We don’t have to change a lot.  

Just a little multiplied by 6.7 could make a big change.

For instance, most of us using the internet could choose to do one of the following from now on:

  • turn off the TV stand by when it’s not in use
  • turn off the computer or put it into Hibernation when it’s not in use
  • turn off the light if you’re the last one to leave the room
  • keep the tires inflated to the proper pressure on our cars
  • turn down the thermostat by one degree
  • fix the drip on the leaking faucet or tap
  • take a shower instead of a bath twice a week
  • wash clothes in 30 degrees water
  • hang clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer on at least one load a week
  • insulate the windows, wall cavities, and/or attic
  • get a bicycle;  or walk once a week where you usually drive
  • add at least two more things to this list

Then choose to do one.

Then do it.


About Terry Sissons

Terry Sissons is the author of The Big Bang to Now: All of Time in Six Chunks, and this blog is a dialogue about the universe and what’s happened in the last 13 billions years.
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