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Terry Sissons is the author of The Big Bang to Now: All of Time in Six Chunks, and this blog is a dialogue about the universe and what’s happened in the last 13 billions years.

Global warming doesn’t feel very warm

Scientists have announced that the world for the year 2015 was an average of 1 degree celsius (that’s about 2 degree fahrenheit) warmer than has ever occurred in recorded history. But 1 degree?  That doesn’t sound like the potential catastrophe of … Continue reading

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Is anybody out there?

As the existence of alien life seems to becoming increasingly less fictional and more realistically possible, there is a group of scientists who want to send a series of powerful messages into outer space to any living organism that might be able to … Continue reading

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What do mystics experience?

For thousands of years, there have been mystics who describe an experience of a transcendent reality that most humans beings do not have.  In different cultures and religions, this experience takes various forms, but they all seem to revolve around a loss of a sense … Continue reading

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Was this winter’s weather due to climate change?

Scientists have agreed that, unusual as some weather event may be, a single event cannot by itself be clearly linked to the climate change they are predicting is going to occur as a result of the greenhouse gases we humans … Continue reading

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How could global warming make our winters colder?

It seems pretty obvious to most people living in northern Europe, and both northern and southern states in America this winter that global warming is certainly not happening to them.  Yes, it’s warmer in Alaska than usual, but banks of … Continue reading

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The BBC is hosting a stargazing programme asking amateur astronomers to find galaxies in far outer space.  An engineer living in England, Zbigniew ‘Zbish’ Chetnik, has an observatory in his garden at home, and was the first person to spot a … Continue reading

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The human construct of time

By the time most of us have learned to read a clock, we have come to understand time as objective.  It might feel like a long time to Christmas or summer vacation, or a long time until we finally get … Continue reading

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