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The BBC is hosting a stargazing programme asking amateur astronomers to find galaxies in far outer space.  An engineer living in England, Zbigniew ‘Zbish’ Chetnik, has an observatory in his garden at home, and was the first person to spot a … Continue reading

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Homo sapiens is facing the twin challenges of environmental pollution and militarism.  Each is potentially destructive enough on its own to lead to the extinction of our species.  In addition, they may each escalate the intensity of the other.  As food … Continue reading

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Asian or Oriental?

A reader who has just finished my book, The Big Bang to Now:  All of Time in Six Chunks has asked me what the difference is between Orientals and Asians.  I had thought the terms were more or less synonymous, both meaning … Continue reading

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Birthdays of heroes

During this last week, we have celebrated the birthdays of two great men – Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. Lincoln was President of the United States during the American Civil War, the war in which Americans killed each other by … Continue reading

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An awful anniversary

In 1170, 839 years ago today, as he was beginning Vespers in the cathedral, Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury,was murdered by four soldiers of the English King Henry II.  Becket and the King had been close friends for years, but when Henry … Continue reading

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Talking about talks

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the problem between Evangelicals and liberals (for want of a better description, though “liberal” is a poor description).  Generally speaking, it seems to me that Evangelicals believe they have found the true faith, … Continue reading

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And now for some good news

It is easy to understand why we hear so much more bad new than good news.  It’s not that there is so much more more of it than good.  It’s that mostly bad news sells newspapers, increases website traffic, and television ratings better … Continue reading

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